ABBYY Solutions for Accounts Payable

Improve your operational efficiency by implementing automated and accurate processing of invoices and other accounting documents.

Specific Needs

  • A wide variety of accounting-related documents: invoices, contracts, purchase orders, checks, remittance forms, payment slips and other accounting documents
  • Complicated structure of the documents: multi-paging, line items, various layouts, accompanying documents
  • Data-oriented capture
  • Tight integration with enterprise CRM and payment systems
  • Strong requirements to data accuracy

Solutions and Products

High-Volume Document, Form and Invoice Processing

ABBYY’s powerful solution automates and accelerates processing high volumes of various documents types, by classifying them, extracting valuable data and deliver them together with source images or searchable PDFs into business applications or archives:


  • Eliminating labor-intensive and time-consuming manual entry operations
  • Making timely payments and other crucial business operations
  • Reducing costs
  • Leveraging early payment discounts
  • Increasing accuracy of financial data
  • Enhancing financial reporting capabilities