ABBYY Solutions for Business Process Outsourcing

ABBYY has always been known as the leading provider of OCR technology, but did you know that ABBYY offers a full range of solutions that are designed for the needs of service providers?

To serve the needs of document processing service providers and BPOs, ABBYY offers one platform to handle everything from document capture and recognition to complex data extraction and process automation. Unrivaled classification technologies and powerful scalability enable providers to offer powerful end-to-end business solutions that increase your clients’ efficiency and reduce their bottom lines.

Solutions for Data Capture

Capture, classify, extract, verify and deliver data from any kind of business documents

  • Improve productivity through elimination of manual tasks
  • Reduce scanning time, and costs for storage and shipping
  • Speed up document delivery through digital mailroom classification
  • Improve compliance and risk management through real-time monitoring and tracking

Solutions for Document Capture

Scan, convert, verify, index and export searchable PDFs and office formats to backend business systems

  • Gain an edge on your competition with unrivaled processing power
  • Ensure the highest quality output even in high-volume processing environments
  • Support industry standard document output for records management and archiving
  • Offer 24/7 round-the-clock conversion for time-critical client tasks