ABBYY Solutions for Mobile Capture

The mobility wave is opening organisations new ways for capturing data and processing of documents from anywhere via mobile devices. Organisation from  sectors like insurance, healthcare, transportation, banking and government are today evaluating how to integrate mobile devices into their existing processes to provide easy access to your services and products, shorten the reaction time, reduce costs and streamlining data communication with customers, partners and employees.

Customers in the digital age expect real-time response and pressure their suppliers to change processes and remove manual work. Not only in customer services but also in the B2B segment solutions leveraging on mobile capture will find its way into an organisation. Filing expense reports while on a business trip, processing insurance  claims in the field or streamlining the check payment processes will mean a cost reduction for any enterprise. 

To capture information at the point where it originates, and to deliver this information to enterprise applications for processing will accelerate the processes, speed-up transactions, and reduce costs for processing those requests. Furthermore, any  organisation leveraging on mobile capture solutions automatically increases customer loyalty through better service and faster reaction times in case of payments or  feedback. 

Furthermore, to leverage scanning from anywhere, organisation need to integrate web capture technologies in their enterprise applications. Scenarios, where customers use a scanning device while staying in a hotel, at a conference or at a client doing data validation of an invoice via web browser technologies will further expand the distributed capture scenarios.

ABBYY Mobile Data Capture Solution turns camera-equipped mobile devices into a powerful new entry point for data input. Corporations save time and spending by enabling customers to input and verify data, then launch its processing cycle, via their mobile phones. This innovative mobile approach to data communication brings corporations closer to customers – as well as their partners and employees.

ABBYY Mobile Data Capture Solution provides: