ABBYY Solutions for Mobile Capture

ABBYY Mobile Data Capture Solution (MDCS) provides high-quality data capture technology for cell phones and oter mobile devices. It combines cutting-edge ABBYY image pre-processing (Mobile Imaging SDK, Camera OCRTM, etc.), recognition (FineReaderTM) and data capture (FlexiCaptureTM) technologies to achieve outstanding results. MDCS is based on a client-server architecture. The client application is located on a mobile device, and the server is used for resource-intensive character recognition and data capture operations. 


Mobile Data Capture Scheme

Mobile Image Processing Technologies

Image quality evaluation

Analytical tools determine if images are suitable for further recognition:

To save time and minimize network traffic, unrecognizable images won’t be sent to the data capture server.

Image enhancement tools

  1. Manual brightness/contrast adjustment
  2. Auto brightness/contrast
  3. Auto enhancement
  4. Auto cropping / Edge detection (Recognize edges)
  5. Binarization
  6. Clean background
  7. Gray scaling
  8. Manual crop
  9. Noise removal
  10. Heavy cleanup
  11. Inversion
  12. Rotation
  13. Fixed rotation
  14. Sharpening
  15. Perspective correction
  16. Whitepaper

Server or cloud-based recognition and data capture features

MDCS offers the entire range of recognition and data capture technologies available in ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine. The following is a partial list of these technologies – for details, please follow the links:

Unrivaled ABBYY Camera OCRTM technology enables excellent results even with low quality photos.

ABBYY FlexiLayoutTM technology for templates creation is also available for Mobile Data Capture. This makes it possible to develop templates for almost any kind of semi-structured and unstructured documents types.

With all this going for it, and more, MDCS ensures the best capture result for virtually any type of data: printed and hand-printed text, barcodes and checkmarks in different processing scenarios.

Professional Services for customizing solutions to meet your needs

The ABBYY professional services team is on hand to help you tune applications, address issues and customize applications to your needs. Customization opportunities include: