ABBYY Solutions for Mobile Capture

The Mobile Data Capture Solution enables highly accurate text, barcode and checkmark data extraction from photos taken by mobile devices. It provides outstanding opportunities in scenarios including:

Best Practices

Insurance Claims

The insurance sector can benefit from mobile capture by streamlining time-consuming manual processes, connecting decentralised insurance agency networks and speeding-up the claims process. 

Mobile Capture enables insurance customers to use their phones to document and compile their insurance claims at the point of origin. In the case of an auto accident, customers are able to document the incident by taking photographs of the damage and file  those along with claim documents and insurance details, with all and information sent by mobile to a central site for processing.  

Insurance workers in the field can now leverage on web capture technologies to capture insurance contracts at a customer location. This may include application documents that need verification from the insurance provider, which would allow customers to receive instant feedback about rates, and an automated approval in one quick and easy go.

Travel Expense Capture

Usage Scenarios

Organisations today have to manage an increasing amount of employee travel expenses. For their part employees have to spend considerable time filing their expense reports with proof of every cost incurred. This is a time-intensive process involving significant manual work involved on both sides but offers a perfect opportunity for optimisation.

Captureing receipts for travel expenses at the point of origin with a mobile device(smartphone, tablet), enables manager to verify and appove those expenses on the go reducing manual workload, saving time and associated cost for processing a travel expense.

Most critical part to that solution is a powerful image pre-processing technology that converts a smartphone camera image into a usable digital photograph and a powerful and intelligent capture engine, that allows to extract data from a variety of document types for automatic processing.

Scan and Capture From Anywhere

Employees in the field or customers in remote locations are now able to capture and submit important documentation – insurance claims, applications, receipts, invoices – through a mobile device.  All content, including valuable meta data, can be extracted and validated through the device’s web browser, enabling a mobile to operate like a fully functional notebook.  Information access becomes instantaneous, improving customer service, employee productivity and the bottom line.

Tax Declaration

Usage Scenarios

Point, shoot, click… and you are done! That’s how easy it is for taxpayers in the U.S. that use SnapTax to file their taxes this year. Powered by ABBYY’s leading OCR functionality, the new app from TurboTax literally lets users file their taxes using their mobile phones  – enabling them to get the job done in a couple of minutes instead of hours.

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